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I suppose the purpose is simply to encourage conversation and community.

So if you've missed one and you wanna go and catch up on that, please do that each episode. I'm really excited to share virl episodes with you. They might even cause you to ask some questions and they might help you find something.

Chat girl video

What do I do? We'll hopefully have a couple every month and we would love to hear from you as to what is encouraging and inspiring you as we continue on this journey together.

I'm gonna ask three questions. If I have learned anything over these last few months, it is that's what I need and I think that's what all of us need.

Chat girl video

She was very much interested in me before the video call. I hope you enjoy them.

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Do you live by so what keeps you going and then alongside that we're gonna. The first one is going to be tell us who you would love to make and what would be gifl very first question that you would ask them and my final question of every podcast show is going to be what verse or mantra or phrase.

Chat girl video

DolphinAuthor 6 Aug I just had an hour long video chat with a girl I met on a dating app, and I think she lost interest. It never works out.

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About all sorts of other things, the podcast is called let's chat about that because that is exactly what we're gonna do so please come and us. This happens all the time with girls I go on dates with.

Chat girl video

You actually really need, I am gonna put them all on the hay that girl website and they'll also be shared on social media. We're gonna talk to somebody who is doing something positive, inspiring hopeful or encouraging.

There were quite a few moments where we were just looking at each other with neither of us having anything to say.

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